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Your Story Matters

You have a story to tell.  Your life, your pain, your joy, your experience with chiropractic, your successes, your healing, all of it…it MATTERS.  Your story is not just for you, though.  It can make a huge difference in someone’s life if you just open up and share it.  You never know who can benefit from hearing your story.

You may think that your reason for getting chiropractic care in our office is “simple” or “insignificant” but what if there is someone sitting at home, missing out on life, just waiting for your story to inspire and encourage them to step out and give chiropractic a try.

  • What if that person is a mother or father who, because of their pain, is grouchy and short-tempered all the time, can’t get on the floor to play with their children and is alienating their entire family?
  • What if they hear your seemingly simple story and it gives them a glimmer of hope and encouragement to give us a call and check out this thing called chiropractic?
  • And then, what if they begin to get adjusted and they start to feel and function better?
  • And they’re not in pain all the time anymore?
  • And they’re not crabby and grouchy all the time?
  • And they can start to play and get involved with their kids/
  • And it allows them to restore relationships with other family members?
  • What if the entire course of that family changes for the better, all because YOU spoke up and shared your story?

That makes your simple and insignificant story seem pretty big, doesn’t it?  Well, IT IS!

Be bold.  Use your voice.  Share your truth.  You have a purpose.  Someone needs to hear exactly what you have to say.  Inspire. Encourage. Empower.  What’s YOUR chiropractic story?  Your story matters.  Go tell it!

“You never know how far-reaching what you may say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”

~B.J. Palmer, DC PhC

Now get out there and Live Life and Thrive!