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Why Is Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Such a Good Idea?

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in a woman’s life.  So much is happening and so many changes are taking place all within a 40-week (give or take several weeks) window.  An entire new being is developing and growing.  It truly is miraculous and a thing of beauty, for sure!

And yet, the flip side to that coin can be morning sickness, headaches, hormonal surges, swollen and tender breasts, swollen hands and feet, nausea, sciatica, pelvic pain, low back pain, fatigue, mood swings, and….

Whether your experience of pregnancy is sunshine and roses or morning sickness and pain, there remains one thing in common.  Your nerve system remains in complete control of the process.  As we’ve discussed before, your nerve system controls and coordinates every single tissue, organ, and cell in your body.  Think of your brain as your Master Computer (or mainframe).  It is constantly communicating with the rest of your body through a vast network of nerves that start as your spinal cord running through your spine, which then branch out and continue to branch until they come into contact with every one of the billions of cells that make up YOU.  Pretty cool, right?

Now, remember also, that you were created to live a full, healthy, vibrant, extraordinary life.  It is absolutely how you were created.  In keeping with your body’s intelligent design, in order for you to have the life for which you were designed, your brain must be able to communicate clearly with the rest of your body through your nerves.  This is never more true than during pregnancy.

First of all, the nerve system is the VERY FIRST system to develop in a fetus.  Prior to its development, all the cells of a developing baby look exactly the same.  Neural cells are the first cells to show differentiation, which means they look different from all the other cells in the baby.  These neural cells form the primitive brain and spinal cord and ultimately guide and direct all future growth and development.  This very primitive nerve system is what tells some cells to be a liver and some to make a stomach and others to form arms and legs.  All fetal development rests solely on the nerve systems ability to properly carry out its job.  Knowing this, how important is it that a baby’s nerve system is able to clearly communicate with its body?

It is also vitally important that a mother (or mother-to-be) have a clear nerve system as well.  Why?  Well, what controls the release of the egg from the ovum?  What tells the uterus to prepare for a baby?  What guides implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall?  What regulates and releases the right hormones, in the right levels, at the right time for a successful pregnancy?  What ensures that the developing baby gets proper nutrition during pregnancy?  You guessed it.  The nerve system!

A healthy nerve system that is able to clearly communicate within a mother’s body is absolutely essential for a healthy, happy pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby.